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Tropic Breeze : Our Team

Jo Founder
"I have always been a keen traveller and have a special affinity with the sea - through my love of sailing I have worked in Maine and the Mediterranean, enjoying everything from Lobster BBQs on the beach to local Turkish meze. However it was sailing around the British Virgin Islands that led to my enduring love for the Caribbean and the creation of Tropic Breeze. I've visited every single hotel and resort that is featured on our website and am always happy to talk to clients about options. "
Memorable Experiences: "There are so many experiences that can make a holiday special, and I find that each trip gives something new to remember it by. Being up close to hummingbirds in a rainforest on Tobago, going on a zip wire through the rainforest in St. Lucia and snorkelling in volcanic bubbles in Dominica are just a few of the most memorable things I've done."
Favourite Places:  "Where do I start? I think I'd have to choose Barbados, the BVI’s and Bequia."
Where next? "Cuba sounds fascinating!"
Top Travel Tips: "When visiting the Maldives, make sure your flight times are carefully planned as sea planes can't land after dark. If you enjoy snorkelling I would recommend that you stay at an island with a good house reef. In the Caribbean don't just stick to the beach - venture inland and sample some of the island's unique culture."
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Phone, camera and snorkelling equipment  - even if I have only got a few minutes spare I am straight in the water!"
Mark Managing Director
Managing Director
"My journey to Tropic Breeze is quite a strange one! I started my working life as an Internal Auditor before moving into the corporate world - I travelled between the UK, Asia and Australia meaning lots of travelling and little time at home. I then decided to “help” Jo out for 6 weeks but never left….that was over 13 years ago!"
Memorable Experiences: "I have an incredible amount of memories from my many years of travelling. Some of the experiences that really stand out include driving across Borneo and giving way on the roads to monkeys, a road trip from Los Angeles to Mexico where we stopped and ate lobster from shacks along the coast, and a visit to Sri Lanka where I watched local ladies hand pick the tea in the breathtakingly large plantations."
Favourite Places: "It has to be Bequia Island in the Caribbean... It’s rough beauty and unspoilt nature offers a truly authentic and beautiful Caribbean experience."
Where Next? "Cuba - the stories I have heard and the cultural experience it offers makes it a destination I have to go and check out for myself!"
Top Travel Tip: "Roll your clothes and pack them like that - it saves on room and no creases!"
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Phone, laptop and flight socks."
Julia Sales Team Manager
Sales Team Manager
"A lot of people say they have a love for travel, but I have always seemed to just have a real hunger to discover the world. The fact that every corner of the globe offers something different has fascinated me since I was very young and continues to do so even now.  Upon completing my degree in Management and Tourism at Surrey University, I embarked upon a four year career with British Airways.  After a fun and fast paced life in London for 10 years , I decided it was time to return to my childhood roots back in Devon, where my journey with Tropic Breeze began."
Memorable Experiences: "I feel lucky to have so many, but some of my highlights would be becoming a qualified diver in the gorgeous reefs of the Red Sea,  listening to Jazz in a back street in New York at 2am, eating goat with a local family in the Blue Desert, flying over the Atolls in the Maldives for the first time, finding a love for Limoncello with my dad whilst in Rome and eating some of the best food I have ever tasted, whilst sat with my feet in the sand on a private island in The Grenadines."
Favourite Places: "Each holiday and travel opportunity has given me a new experience... I love South Africa and being able to cage dive with Great White sharks off the coast of Cape Town will always stay with me as an amazing memory, as will throwing myself off the side of a cliff on a bungee cord! When visiting the Caribbean for the very first time, many years ago, I absolutely loved it. One of the first things I fell in love with was the people. Who cannot love the sight of local children splashing in turquoise seas, the taste of Lobster straight out of the ocean and carnivals so rich in colour and happiness. I love the simplicity of the local culture and the warm welcome from the Caribbean people."
Where next: "I am yet to still step foot in The British Virgin Islands, so this has to be top of the list!"
Top travel tip: "For great value and good weather, visit the Maldives or Caribbean in May or November."
Three things I couldn't travel without: "Sun cream, music and comfy shoes!"
Trish Travel Specialist
Travel Specialist
"My career started in hospitality before progressing to British Airways cabin crew. I spent 10 years travelling the world and seeing my parents in the USA frequently before my husband and I choose to move to Devon to start a family. After spending a few years at home raising our two children, I decided to re-enter the world of travel - Tropic Breeze was the perfect fit."
Memorable Experiences: "My past and current careers have enabled me to travel extensively, in terms of the highlights it has to be our honeymoon at Huvafen Fushi which was the ultimate luxury and pampering escape! Another trip I will always remember was driving from San Francisco to Malibu along the Pacific coast road and stopping for fresh seafood in Monterey Bay."
Favourite Places: "The Sunshine coast in Australia. The beaches are beautiful and our stay in Maroochydore was amazing."
Where Next? "I would love to take my two children to Carlisle Bay in Antigua."
Top Travel Tip: "Buy a good mosquito spray..and use it!"
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Hand sanitizer, a big sunhat and my camera."
Karen Travel Specialist
Travel Specialist
"I had my work experience in a travel agents at school when I was 14 and off the back of this was offered my first travel job when I left school at 16. Now a quarter of a century later I still have the same passion and excitement as I did on my first day.  The industry has changed dramatically throughout my career, but I still love it just the same."
Memorable Experiences: "I have fond memories of hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara and crash landing into a tree, flying over the Grand Canyon for my 21st birthday, kayaking the mangroves in Antigua and catching my first glimpse of a Caribbean beach in Jamaica over 20 years ago - I was hooked!  I was also privileged to travel through Israel a number of years ago and walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem was an amazing experience I will never forget."
Favourite places: "I really believe that travel broadens the mind so I'm always happy to go somewhere new.  My favourite places would be Grand Anse Beach in Grenada for the stunning views and local life, New York for its feeling of familiarity around every corner and Kenya for the most amazing wildlife - hearing lions from my tent on safari was just fantastic!"
Where next: "I would love to take my daughters to Barbados so I can share my love for the Caribbean with them."
Top travel tip: "Always double check you have your passport and travel documents before leaving the house and leave plenty of time to get to the airport."
Three things I can't travel without: "Sunglasses, guidebook and swimming costume."
Helen Travel Specialist
Travel Specialist
"With an adventurous nature inspired by a childhood engrossed in David Attenborough programmes, I have spent many years exploring the planet, travelling to over 60 countries within all seven continents.  Now back in lovely Devon, I have enjoyed working in the tailor made travel industry for over a decade and can enjoy both the countryside and coast after work - the perfect balance."
Memorable Experiences: "I have been fortunate enough to enjoy so many "once in a life time " experiences. The first few that spring to mind would be scuba diving with manta rays in the Maldives, setting up a sea turtle project in Nicaragua, flying over the stunning Namib Desert, living with lemurs in Madagascar, watching the great wildebeest migration over the Mara River, spending a Christmas in Antarctica with penguins and yacht racing in Antigua Sailing week."
Favourite Places: "The underwater world of the Maldives, safari in Botswana, the Island of Madagascar with its unique wildlife and Devon with its soft rolling hills, forests, rivers and coastline."
Where's Next: "I am looking forward to immersing in the rainforest, cities and salsa lifestyle in Colombia, exploring Ethiopia's Afar region, climbing Erte Ale volcano and snorkelling with whalesharks in Djibouti."

Top Travel Tip: "Write about your experiences, take photos and buy the music you have heard in the country to help those special memories and feelings be re-lived forever."
Three things I couldn't travel without: "Head torch, note book and a camera."
Joni Sales support
Sales support
"Growing up in New Zealand where travel is a big part of the lifestyle, I was lucky enough to visit Fiji, Australia, Hawaii, Canada and California by the time I was 14 and this is where my interest for foreign travel started! My career began with studying travel & tourism in Auckland, New Zealand, which led on to working in Australia before taking the big leap to the UK in 2007."
Memorable experiences: "A trip to Anguilla involving a fair amount of rum punch, being barefoot in the sand and eating amazing seafood on a small island just off the coast was certainly memorable. Snowboarding in Whistler, Canada was a breathtaking experience and I will never forget taking a slow local boat to Nusa Lembongan, a small island off Bali, packed with local people, chickens and scooters - the swell was huge and the boat almost surfed itself there!"
Favourite places: "I have always felt attached to the South Pacific Islands as they were so close while I was in New Zealand and now I have found the Caribbean the list of islands and beaches I love gets longer. The outer islands in the Caribbean are stunning, The Grenadines give a really welcoming Caribbean experience and Anguilla ticks the boxes for long white sand beaches, and turquoise sea. There are so many great local restaurants and bars it's quite surprising for such a small quiet Island."
Where next: "I would love to visit the Maldives as I am a keen snorkeler, a trip to Filitheyo Island to explore it’s house reef would be incredible…"
Top Travel Tips: "Venture a little further than a direct flight, getting somewhere a little more remote pays off when you escape the crowds and find a real local atmosphere."
Three things I couldn't travel without: "A good book, a map of where I am heading and my swimwear (I'm not relaxed until I have been in the water)."


Claire Operations Team Leader
Operations Team Leader
"I moved to Devon in 2004 to study for my degree in Hospitality Management.  After graduating I  worked for a local government agency for six years. However the draw of working in an industry that had always been of great interest to me was just too much to resist, especially with the unique setting of an old converted coach house surrounded by countryside with three friendly Labradors.  
Having been lucky enough to travel with both my family as a child and now with my husband, I am keen to travel further."
Memorable Experiences: "Where do I start? Top three have to be; riding elephants bare back in Chiang Mai, Thailand, sailing past the Italian Volcano, Stromboli as it erupted and watching a local man catch fish in the Indian Ocean."
Favourite Places: "I love walking around Dartmoor particularly in the Autumn, I also have a real love for Thailand- it’s friendly people, low cost living and beautiful landscapes make it an unforgettable experience."
Where next?: "BodyHoliday in St Lucia! I am a big fitness fan and the idea of sunshine and unlimited fitness activities is my idea of a dream holiday!  New York is also high on my list."
Top Travel Tips: "No...You really do not need to take 6 pairs of shoes for 7 nights.. ( I should really listen to my own tips!)"
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Camera, swimwear and hair straighteners."
Rachel Marketing manager
Marketing manager
"I was lucky to travel quite a bit with my parents when I was younger, giving me an early interest in other countries and inspiring me to study foreign languages at Newcastle University. As part of my degree I lived in China for a year and spent a summer studying in Spain, before returning home to Devon where I started working in the travel industry."
Memorable Experiences: "Some of the travel experiences that stand out the most are flying over the stunning Tobago Cays in the Grenadines, walking among komodo dragons in Indonesia, spending a few days on board a train travelling through spectacular landscapes to a remote part of China and whale watching off the coast of New England."
Favourite Places: "A recent trip to St Vincent & The Grenadines was an incredible introduction to the Caribbean but I would struggle to choose a favourite island! Indonesia is one of my favourite holiday destinations for the stunning scenery and friendly locals, China is very special to me (particularly Shanghai where I found some great local spots) but Devon is also a lovely part of the world – there are some beautiful beaches and on a sunny day you feel like you could be in a far more exotic location!"
Where next? "I’ve always wanted to go to Sri Lanka, but the other Caribbean islands are also high on the list!"
Top Travel Tips: "Do your research before you travel so you can plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of time to visit places of interest."
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Camera, sun cream and a big scarf – comes in handy as a pillow on a plane, an emergency beach towel or a sarong."
Jade Contracts
"I started working in travel when I was 20, left and came back as it's definitely the industry for me. It takes you places!"
Memorable experiences: "Snorkelling off Menjangan Island in Indonesia was pretty amazing."
Favourite Places: "Antigua for the beautiful beaches and friendly locals."
Where’s Next? "Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands - it looks incredible and I've heard some glowing reviews that it is more beautiful than the pictures show - hard to believe!"
Top Travel Tip:  "Try to speak to someone who has been, they will let you know the hidden gems and what to expect!"
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Lipbalm, bug spray and my husband!"
Maria Contracts
"Having travelled abroad with my family from a young age, it was studying Tourism at University, which ignited my passion for travel. I have always loved visiting new places and experiencing new cultures and was fortunate to spend a year teaching English in Uganda, which gave me the wonderful opportunity to trek with Gorilla’s in the Virunga Mountains and go white water rafting on the White Nile."
Memorable experiences:  "I have travelled extensively around the world to Asia, Australasia and Canada, taking in the floating markets in Thailand, skydiving over geysers in New Zealand, trekking rainforests in Fiji and scaling the Rockies in Canada! In recent years I have also been to Sri Lanka, where one of my most memorable experiences was washing elephants in the river at the Millenium Elephant Foundation in Kegalle!"
Favourite Places: "The wonderful sights and sounds of Bequia, St Vincent, Grenada and Barbados ; Soaking up the local culture, sampling the island cuisine (mango yoghurt, callaloo, barracuda, conch curry, bajan hot sauce), dancing barefoot on the sand to the tune of soca and horse riding on the west coast beaches of Barbados!"
Where’s Next? "St Lucia!"
Top Travel Tip: "Remember to pack an overnight bag with swimwear and sun tan lotion just in case you arrive at your destination without your luggage!"
My top travel tip: "Smile! Wherever you go in the world, a smile will always grant you a warmer reception and ultimately give you a more fulfilling experience."
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Sun cream, sun glasses and a camera."
Rosanna Administration Assistant
Administration Assistant

"I have been extremely lucky in seeing a lot of the world from an early age. I grew up in Hong Kong and spent family holidays visiting Malaysia and Thailand. Then upon completing university in the UK, I jumped on a one way flight to New York where I stayed for 6 months before completing a season in Saas Fe, Switzerland where I learnt to ski and then immediately moved on to work for Princess Cruises visiting Mexico, the west coast of America and Canada, Alaska and trips down to Hawaii and the South Pacific. Having worked in so many great countries, I now look forward to sharing new adventures with my husband and son."

Memorable Experiences: "I have been so lucky that it is really hard to mention just a few. Catching and cooking Alaska King Crab on the Aleutian Ballad (which was previously filmed for the Deadliest Catch) in Ketchikan and seeing wild Orca's playing in the wake of our boat on our way back to the airport at the end of our trip really were experiences I'll never forget."

Favourite Places: "Mo'orea in French Polynesia was simply breath taking, and definitely my idea of heaven!"

Where next: "I definitely plan to return to the South Pacific with my family in the future, however within the next year we hope to explore a little closer to home around the lakes and mountains of Italy."

Top Travel Tips: "Don't leave packing your case until the morning of departure! A bad habit of mine which always makes the long journeys even more stressful when it can easily be avoided."

Three things I couldn't travel without: "Sunglasses, a camera and a good book."

George The Office Dog!
The Office Dog!
"I'm George, one of the three resident Labradors at Tropic Breeze. Along with Tilly and Alfie, I like to think we keep the office running smoothly - you'd be amazed at how much we've learnt about travelling by listening to the team here. If you hear us barking in the background we are only trying to have some creative input and making sure the Team are all working hard!"
Memorable experiences: "Going for walks around the Tropic Breeze office in rural South Devon. So many smells to enjoy - Rabbits, Squirrels, Cats, other Dogs, we have them all!"
Favourite place: "My basket in front of the fire here in the Tropic Breeze office. Although I sometimes pretend to be asleep, I'm really observing everything that's going on."
Where next? "I may fancy another walk later on after the office closes, I'm always ready to explore the neighbourhood."
Top Travel Tips: "Go somewhere warm, going for walks in the cold and wet are not as much fun!"
Three things I couldn’t travel without: "Treats, my lead and some water."
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2018 Travel Awards Nominee
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